Dr. Seuss lyrics!
These are the lyrics to some of the songs in one of my favorite movies of all time, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. I've decided that it is my mission in life to make more people aware of this wonderful, slightly obscure film. There are more songs, but html-izing is such a pain. Just go watch the movie. You won't be disappointed.
Get Together Weather
Doe-Me-Doe Duds
The Dungeon Song
Little Kids
Terwilliker Academy
10 Happy Fingers

Waaaaay back in the spring of 1996 I received via mail one of my most prized possesions; a genuine copy of the "5,000 Fingers" soundtrack -- on vinyl, no less. Lusciously packagaed, if crappily recorded, the soundtrack has been a source of endless joy to me. Sadly for those without the album, I received this recorded joy from the now-defunct mail ordr catalog of WFMU radio station out of NJ. And as far as I know it is not available anywhere else. Sad but true.
Not to rub it in, but the most wonderful thing about the soundtrack is that it contains all the outtakes from the film, doubling the total number of tracks. There are some real gems that didn't quite make the cut. And if they filmed these sequences... oh man!... what I wouldn't give to see them!
if you're interested in finding out more about 5,000 fingers, there's more information here.

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